Stefan Maurer (*1976 CH) is a swiss independent photographer, interdisciplinary artist and cultural/social activist. He is focused in social and spiritual issues. As a photographer, he has specialized in press photography, documentary photography and portrait photography. For many years, he has travelled far, photographing for human rights organizations (Redcross, Caritas, SDC, etc.) and implementing independent projects. Since the CAS Interreligious Communication and the CAS Teaching Artist (Art Education) at the BFH Switzerland, he implements participatory, cross-disciplinary and site-specific projects in unconventional and public spaces – schools, neighborhoods, special schools, prisons, etc. He has many years of experience in curating and participating in cross-disciplinary projects and exhibitions and is co-founder of the art Kollektiv Mami, a collective for site-specific and social art.


2012-2013 / CAS Teaching Artist / Art Education / Bern University of the Arts (HKB) Switzerland

2007-2008 / CAS intercultural and interreligious mediation and communication / Bern University of Social Work (BFH) Switzerland

2000-2002 / Assistance for Esther van der Bie, Peter Hebeisen, Franz Schwendimann

1998-2002 / Apprenticeship Photographer BR with Fernand Rausser, Bern School of Art and Design (SFGB) Switzerland


2023 | Workshop for Social Inclusion and Co-Creation trough Art, organized by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation | Tapovan Center, Normandy (France)

2021-2023 / Meditation with Thomas Mayer und Agnes Hardorp

2021 / Cultural and religious mediation in plural context / „Dialogue en Route“ / Museum Rietberg, Zurich

2019 / Neuro-systemic counseling / Ralf Krizian / Specialist course at Bern University of Social Work (BFH) Switzerland (additional module for art education)

2018 / Collective Planning and site-specivic participatory Art / Dimitri Panayotopoulos, Architect, Activist (Athens, Greece)

2013 / Systemic applications in art education / kinesiology Daniela Ellenberger

2008 / Communication / Specialist course at Bern University of Social Work (BFH) 

2001 / Audio-visual design with Jürg Neuenschwander / Image editing Photoshop, Indesign / Bern School of Art and Design (SFGB) Switzerlandn/a